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imgSinister's The Showdown Wk2 Created by EsportsLabsCEO

TournameFollowers Only Tournament. 

Must be following my SinisterSnip3r Twitch and or FB. Must show proof to participate. 

No Exceptions! 

Started on
September 13, 2020 7:00 pm


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    North America

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Tournament details

  • Game

    Call of Duty: Warzone
  • Contestants

  • Game format

    Best of 5
  • Game frequency

    Every 15 minutes
  • Tournament frequency

  • Game modes

    Battle Royale


  • Call of Duty: Warzone Map




Followers Only Tournament. 

Must be following my SinisterSnip3r Twitch and or FB. Must show proof to participate. 

No Exceptions! 

Time and Date:
The Showdown
September 13th 12n PST.
Check-In Date and Time:
Sept 9th @ 6PM PST - Sept 13th 10 am PST. 

"If your teams fails to show up, SinisterSnip3r has the right to give up your place to another team of his choice 

(One member must be present on the Discord Channel)WHAT: Double Elimination Warzone BR Tourney
        o Open to followers of my Twitch and Facebook SinisterSnip3r 
                 Must show proof of follow before start of tournament or be removed from 

        o Teams play Battle Royale (quads) and have for 3 Hours to 
                complete all matches
        o Each team will submit their best 4 matches
        o Teams earn points for placements and kills
        o 1st place takes all
                   $100

Battle Royale (Quads)
• Platform: Any (Crossplay Enabled)
• Format: Public Matchmaking
• Time Limit: 3 Hours
All Finals are 1 and done.
• Additional Rules:
         o All teams must play with cross-platform enabled.

KILLS  = 1 point

Placement:  (You Must have 20+kills to achieve 20 points for the win)
1=20 (15+kills) 

       o    In the event of a tie between two (2) or more teams, the following tiebreakers will be used:
1. Points in 4th best game
2. Sudden Death.
3.     Total Victories in Time Limit
4. Total Kills in Time Limit
5. Average Placement in All Games
6. Total Points Scored in All Games

Anyone who follows my Twitch or FB can register for this event with the exceptions listed below:
Teams with an added K/D above 9 are NOT eligible for this Tournament (3+2+2+2 = 9 and you are good to join). You must have a minimum of 50 games played on your account.

How to Look Up Call of Duty: Warzone Stats
Individuals who like to see their statistics need to head to the Barracks section of the main menu for Call of Duty: Warzone. A Stats section will then be on the left side of your screen. Click on the records option. This records option is what will show how many kills and wins you have gathered during your time playing the Battle Royale. Here you will see a KD ratio. (I recommend taking Screenshots) and shared in our discord #codwarzone_tournament section should anyone accuse you of having an ineligible player.

Your entire team must be registered and under the same Team name before registration cut off and Check In. 

Which I will be using to cross reference and ensure you are following once you register on 
SinisterSnip3r's "The Showdown"


Payout Time:
There is a 24hr review period to insure the safest, most pure event possible.
Monday, Sept 09, @5:30PM PST, We will release the winners and reveal the scoreboards live on twitch. 
The mods may take as long as necessary to look over videos 
and check scores. We must understand, that in order to ensure there is no foul play, our mods will go over ALL data and ALL videos. 

Game Mode: 
QUADS, Timed Kill Race. 4 hours - Best 4 matches (squads may leave matches early to start a new match).  

Tie Breakers:
The Team with the highest scoring single player wins. 

Requirement to Stream:
One person from every team is required to stream the game with "archive mode" turned ON (please join discord for help if needed)
This allows us to look at POV if need be.
The stream title must contain #TheShowdown. This helps us search for our tournament players.

Best Play
Player has a chance to Earn $25 for best play of the game!
This will be put to vote in our discord. To participate please place your best play under #warzonebestplay section of our discord. 

Allowed streaming platforms:

Regulation tReporting Scores:
After the 3-hour block, teams will place their 4 best scores into the designated Report Scores page on this site (Please Note: There will be 4 different games when reporting and you must submit the scores to each game tab (i.e., Game 1, Game 2 Game 3 Game 4)) The site will then generate the scores for all submitted and give you your combined results. You may finish your game if that game is started BEFORE 2:45pm PST.  

Screenshots are a Must! Take Screenshots of your 4 best games. You MUST have proof of your scores and placements. Please share on #warzone 

There is a 30-minute submission window (3PM -3:30pm PST). There are no exceptions to the reporting rules. Sending Mods screen shots, videos, reporting without video, reporting late, reporting in the discord chat, any reporting other than the standard reporting method will result in a score of -0-. We are trying to make a smooth and quick process for the other contestants. We cannot focus on side reports.  

Cross-play needs to be on, No Exceptions! 

Must be 13 years or older to receive payout from the tournaments. This must be with parental consent. 18 and over does not require parental consent.
All decisions made on the grounds of cheating/hacking are at SinisterSnip3r’s CEO of Esports Labs, Inc’s discretion. Harassing MODS will only result in further punishment. Any attempt to harass a member of The Showdown / Esports Labs, Inc crew will result in punishment. We are cognizant of technical difficulties but cannot cater to them.ext

Winner Prizes

img Place img Reward
imgplace 1 : Snip3r’s Team 100

Tournament brackets