imgPUBG Event Sponsored by Grin Gaming and Grunto Esports Created by BillTheConquerer

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Started on
May 31, 2019 5:00 pm


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    1 out of 50

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Tournament details

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    Player Unknowns Battlegrounds
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  • Game format

    Best of 1
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    Battle Royale



Event Format:
A single custom lobby hosted by The Dunkleman.
3 total drops.
Winner chosen by highest total aggregated kills over the 3 drops to win grand prizes.
The tiebreaker is the number of round wins.
Round winners also earn prizes.
The host will screenshot player kills at the end of each round and send to admins.
Participants must have a Grin Gaming account to claim prizes.
One player from each team must submit team kill count via Submit Score tab.
Sign-ups limited to 50 teams.
Obtain Custom Lobby password from The Dunkleman. Password will also be in the Tournament Chat. 

All entrants are entered in a drawing courtesy of Grin Gaming.
   -1st prize: Copy of PUBG + Battle Pass
   -2nd and 3rd prize: Battle Pass
Round winners will each receive $20 in store credit courtesy Grunto Gaming.
1st place duo:
   -500 Grin Coins for each player.
2nd place duo:
   -250 Grin Coins for each player.

All participants must have a site account.
The event starts at 8p EST.
Check-in opens 30 min prior to the event. 
Duos only. No single player teams.
No care packages.
No red zone.
ARs, Sniper rifles, and AMRs 2x.
First 3 circles close at 2x normal rate. 4th circle and beyond close at normal rate.
All forms of cheating are NOT allowed (i.e. bots, stream sniping, wallhacks, etc)
All participants must have a Grin Gaming account to claim prizes.
Racist language and behavior are grounds for disqualification.
NA servers only. 

The No Show grace period time is 30 minutes before the match start time. Failure to check into the site via the check-in feature during the 30-minute window may result in player and the team being booted from the event. 

If you are caught cheating, your team will be disqualified, no exceptions.

If you catch a player cheating, friendly or not, record the offender and send the clip to a tournament admin in our discord.
Glitches are out of our control and are not grounds for a restart of the round.

The use of unintended areas is prohibited and will result in disqualification from the round. Unintended areas are areas that have any of the following attributes: Invisible platforms, see-through walls, unfinished or jet-black textures, improper mesh clipping, no definable entrance/exit, and no way to portal in/out of the spot. If you glitch into a spot like this, follow the rule above to address it properly.

Matches can be streamed at the player’s discretion. Players should take potential stream sniping into consideration. A minimum stream delay of 120 seconds (2 minutes) is recommended.

Grin Gaming requires a minimum of a 30-second delay for their interface should you be streaming through them.

Creating a team is very easy. Follow these steps to create your team and start competing!

1. Hover over your avatar and username located on the top right of the site then click on “Create a Team”


2. Next, click on the “Settings” tab.

3. Now click on the bar located next to your team profile image. You should see “Team Name” as the default name. You can also upload your team profile image by clicking the team image box. Team image size is 233 x 207 pixels and team banners are 1920 x 259 pixels.


4. The page setting window should appear and you will be able to input your team name in the page title input field. Click anywhere in the window and the system will conduct a search to make sure your team name is available. If your team name is available click “Save Changes” to save your team name.

5. It is also recommended that you edit the available blocks on your team page by hovering over each block and clicking the pencil icon tool located on the green toolbar. Don’t forget to edit your games block to add in any available games in our system that you play.


6. Once you’re done editing your team name, team images/banners and page blocks, you can click the blue update button on the top right of the page. This will save your page edits then click the close (X) button to exit the team page edit mode.


That’s it! easy peasy! If you are having technical difficulties or issues with team creation please join us on our Discord channel for support or email us at [email protected]

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