imgMFL 2019 Season Created by Final Boss "Tourney Host"

Inaugural Season of the Mutant Football League Starting Sept 7th. 

Get Paid to Play this fun and exciting game weekly.

Started on
September 7, 2019 3:00 pm


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    1 out of 20

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    Round Robin with knockout

    Tournament type
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Tournament details

  • Game

    MFL: The League of Champions
  • Contestants

  • Game format

    Best of 1
  • Game frequency

    Every 7 days
  • Tournament frequency

  • Game modes

    1 v 1




  • Regions: US, EU  
  • PS4 only
  • Every week on Saturday Check in at opens up @ 3pm matches start @4 pm PST 
  • Playoffs phase of the Tournament will take place in 2 weeks after Season.
  • Console: PS4
  • Prize pool: Make the Playoffs earn $50 reward.
                    Playoffs bonus for placement:
    • 1st $200
    • 2nd $150
    • 3rd $75
    • 4th $50
  • Players have to use these game settings for online games:
    • Game Speed - Fast.
    • Quarter length - 3 minutes.
    • Dirty Tricks - On.
    • Resurrection - Off.
    • Karnage level - Brutal.
    • Difficulty - Normal.
    • Bench substitutions - Auto.
  • Participants will join a voice chat lobby or chat in Esports Labs Discord 
  • Both players will acknowledge ready with lower seed calling heads or tails and top seed with generate the coin flip with !CoinFlip in discord. 
  • Coin toss winner chooses Host or Team, 2nd team picked cannot be same team or higher ranked then first picked team unless:
    • in case, when 1st selected team is the team with lowest Overall rating in the game - 62, participant which will be selecting 2nd can a pick the team with Overall rating 72 or lower. 
  • In the playoffs in case of ties, the winner will be decided by 2 minute overtime period.
  • After each game, you must ensure that you take proper screenshots or photo from the final score screen, otherwise you may not be awarded the win (don’t forget, that the admin was not in the game and does not know what happened – you must be able to convince them). When taking screenshot or photo, please ensure that your opponent's avatars, nicknames, teams and scores are clearly visible.
  • In case if one of opponents refused to continue the game, another player will be the winner and will be advancing to the next round.
  • Season League matches will start every Saturday at 4pm PST, Players must check in or will be considered a no show. Players have 1 hour before up to the launch of the event to check in.
  • Each player will be playing 1 game each week with new opponents. 
  • After playoffs will be decided with the best Win-Lose ratio which will be advancing to the Playoffs Phase of the Tournament. 
    • In case, when 2 or more players will have same Win-Lose ratio, upper hand will be given to the player with the most points scored. 
  • Players have 15 minutes from the start of the match to be in contact with opponent or will be considered a no show.
  • In case of disconnection or any other technical difficulty, score will be saved and used as a starting point in rematch.
  • After 3 disconnections, final score will be sum of scores from 3 games. Players have to provide screenshots of each unfinished game.
  • Unannounced delay of the game, more than 5 mins, leads to lose by forfeit.
  • Each player can use Dirty Trick “Kill the Ref” no more than 3 times in a row AND 5 times per half. Violation of this rule will result in loss by forfeit.
  • If player wins and advances to the next round he can use same team or change it.
  • Any violation of the game rules will lead to loss in the round(forfeit) and your opponent's advancement to the next round.
  • Score for Season League in forfeit win will be equal 14 points unless winner will be able to score more than 14 points. 


Players will create a profile on powered by Esports Labs. A team page must be created with a minimum player(s) required to enter a tournament or league unless this is an individual user event with no teams. The player who creates the team is automatically the Team Captain. Rules are subject to change at any time without notice by admins and tournament directors to keep events running smoothly.
Need help? During your matches join our Discord or submit a dispute ticket on the website 


There is a check in button for events now. Participants who fail to check in 1 hour prior to the start of any event may be ejected at the start time of the event failing to be posted on the tournament brackets.


The No Show grace period time is 15 minutes after the match's original start time. This means, teams have 15 minutes from the match scheduled time to send a friend request, accept the friend request and join the game. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit. To report a no show please contact an admin in our discord or create a ticket under ‘no show’ (found on the match details)


If you are caught cheating, your team will be disqualified, no exceptions.
If you catch a player cheating, friendly or not, record the offender and and send the clip to a tournament admin in our discord. If you get into a glitch spot by accident, immediately post in game chat so the match can be restarted. If you die while in the spot, you may continue the match. If the glitch spot causes an unavoidable death that leads to a loss or tie by one point, the match should be replayed.
The use of unintended areas is prohibited and will result in match loss or even disqualification. Unintended areas are areas that have any of the following attributes: Invisible platforms, see-through walls, unfinished or jet-black textures, improper mesh clipping, no definable entrance/exit, and no way to portal in/out of the spot. If you glitch into a spot like this, follow the rule above to address it properly.


Matches can be streamed at the player’s discretion. Players should take potential stream sniping into consideration. A minimum stream delay of 120 seconds (2 minutes) is recommended.
There is a known issue streaming Mutant Football League and straight console streaming. Consoles take up too much bandwidth and crash the game. A proper stream setup with with a PC & OBS  (Open Broadcast Software) or SLOBS (StreamLabs OBS) 
  • Streamer Checklist:
  • PC or Laptop
  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Audio Mix
  • Software
  • Internet
  • game to play
Stay informed on all events by following Esports Labs on Social media:




Winner Prizes

img Place img Reward
imgplace 1 : $200
imgplace 2 : $150
imgplace 3 : $75
place 4 : $50

Tournament brackets